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Direitos Humanos / 26/12/2020

Feminist Movement: in 2021 we will be stronger

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Feminist Movement: in 2021 we will be stronger


A difficult context looms. Government, increasingly tied to fundamentalism, tries to reinforce the patriarchal and racist concept of “family” and domesticate women. But the feminist movement resists and remains a trench

Another difficult year that comes to an end. In addition to a political crisis, there was a unique health crisis in the face of the inoperability, inefficiency and deliberate neglect of the Bolsonaro-Mourão authoritarian government over the (non) treatment of the Covid 19 pandemic. This double tragedy haunted us all year and the impacts on the daily life of each and every one of us could feel in the absence of a plan that welcomed and met the demands for a decent life for a good part of the Brazilian population.

We added almost 190 thousand people killed - without considering underreporting - and Brazil was highlighted in the news in the world as one of the worst countries in dealing with the epidemic. We were reported as one of the countries that killed the most women, that most destroyed environmental areas, that allowed the advance against the indigenous population, quilombola - and still vetoing health and social assistance to these populations to survive Covid 19. We have accumulated impeachment requests presented to the National Congress (there were more than 70), whose fate was not even considered to be appreciated by the current president of the Chamber of Deputies. The necropolitics operated without equal on the black and peripheral population, on women and activists. There were countless losses of militants and activists who, in the absence of assistance policies, gave their lives to distribute basic food baskets, hygiene material and offer support and shelter to women and children victims of violence.

During this year we were also able to see how there is a governmental intention to dismantle the framework of public policies and services, a trend that has been on the rise since the 2016 Coup, in not offering a series of social facilities so that the population could protect itself, to make social isolation and fight the epidemic. Three months, which turned into 5, 6, almost a year and with no prospect of getting out of this health crisis, because without even a plan, what can we say about access to vaccines?

We feminists who build collective movement actions have been on the alert for some time. We know what it means in the daily life of Brazilian women not to have health and school and other social facilities. Adding increasingly unequal work relationships, without legal protection and, more recently, with more difficulty accessing retirement, the formula that falls on us is unfair, cruel and inhuman.

The Bolsonarist government and all its supporters are relieving themselves of their responsibility to care for the population so that the “family” manages the care of their own. Now, in a patriarchal, racist, lgbtqiphobic and extremely unequal society, we know that family is spoken, it reads “Women”, as it is still a fact that the time for care tasks is not shared equally between all the family.

This perspective has now been enhanced by Decree No. 10,570 / 2020 by Minister Damares Alves, which institutes the Action Plan of the National Strategy for Strengthening Family Links. The same minister who on November 25, International Day to Combat Violence against Women, thought that the best she could do was a live, on a pink background, teaching women how to make ... cake! This is what we are dealing with: an intentional project to redomesticate women. We have always denounced the dangers of the association between politics and religion and now, this intermingling, so well represented in Damares, has resulted in the conviction of society that the role of women is that of inferiority in relation to men, subordinate, subservient, exclusive to the care, without division of the tasks with the men, but they have power, public speaking, owners of politics. Even if they curse deputies, they threaten black women councilors, as a reprisal for the fact that we, feminists, have broken with the unique, exclusive, violent model of the family. Just look at the countless revealed cases of sexual violence against girls and women by men in the "family".

It is no coincidence that this is an ideological war against feminists and feminism. Not for nothing, these representatives of racist patriarchy want to prohibit debates about gender in schools, because authoritarianism, violence, subservience do not combine with reflective thinking about inequalities in social roles between men and women, between whites and blacks, and violence against LGBTQIA + people and their transformation.

Yes, we are attentive and we will continue to resist and fight against all political forces that come to despise us, overburden us with tasks that can be taken on by society as a whole, companies, governments. We are aware that the decades of struggle of women's movements in Brazil have enabled all of us to see that we have rights and choices, as different and different as possible, to think with our own heads, to fight for a decent job, to exercise a political position, to take care of our families with healthy food at our tables, to access information about sexuality and family planning, fight for the extrication to stop the daily loss of our children / dead by the hands of the police, militia, drug trafficking.

We are also aware that for each Brazilian to be able to assume their choices and see them respected, a collective force of struggle and resistance is needed, a strong political subject of women to stop the backwardness, the violent, racist, patriarchal, conservative past, which wants to exploit the entire workforce of our bodies in search of another societal pact, with other values ​​not envisioned by the current order: affection, care, solidarity, division of responsibilities, justice, reparation, equality, pleasure to allow us to have a future quite different what we are experiencing, as stated by Eliane Brum and Ailton Krenak at the head of the Liberate the Future Movement.

In the last text of the year of Coluna Baderna, we want to give voice to the political declaration constructed by the Articulation of Brazilian Women in its 25 years of celebration and existence! AMB is a women's social movement, mixed in terms of race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, regionality, an anti-racist, anti-patriarchal and anti-capitalist movement that aims to transform the world through feminism. To paraphrase the black feminsite theoretical activist, bell hooks, yes, feminism is for everyone, and, like her, we celebrate the liberating joy of a fight for justice and equality1.

AMB statement in its 25 years!

We are certainly not alone. Messages received other social movements and allied organizations reaffirm that we are in good company. They reinforce the feminist power of those who struggle to build the utopia that animates us: a world of justice and equality.

We want to transform everything, every. This is what the reality before us demands. But not only that, we want to change the world through feminism. Changing the current order, which articulates patriarchy, capitalism and racism, perpetuating the injustices of colonialism. A system that subdues and inferiors women, all women in our diversity.

We affirm that in order to change the world, we must also change ourselves, reinvent ourselves.

We are facing a pandemic that has already caused more than 170 thousand deaths. Many of them preventable, were it not for the policy of a genocidal and ethnocidal government, which is not responsible for the vaccine and for the health care of the population. SUS is being dismantled. And we run the risk of losing 40 billion in its budget for 2021. It has already lost strength with Constitutional Amendment 95, which froze public investments for 20 years in the areas of health and education.

For us women, this means facing responsibility for caring for loved ones around us in the worst conditions. It is up to us to dismantle public policies. We are the ones who have to resize the times and jobs in everyday domestic life.

Structural racism exterminates the black and indigenous people. Every day we see young people and black children fall into the hands of the police, in the peripheries, deepening pain and revolt. We women can no longer endure the installed tragedy of the daily loss of our sons and daughters. We do not support the advance of agribusiness over indigenous territories with criminal actions. We followed together in the denunciations and the outcry. We shout BASTA to the violence of the Brazilian State!

This necrophilic government, which kills with bullets and viruses, is also already starving. He announced that emergency aid will not exist in 2021. We, women, mostly unemployed and informal, will have to struggle to survive, maintain our families and care for our communities.

Water, indispensable to care in the pandemic, becomes a commodity on the stock exchange. The Amazon is being dilapidated and the original peoples are being decimated. Capital increases its profits by invading common spaces, appropriating and transforming public goods into merchandise. We women want healthy food at every table, sharing livelihoods and the courage to keep up with the demands of capital.

We have seen an increase in domestic violence against women and children, and femicide. Our fight is for the State to assume its responsibility in combating violence with services to protect women and policies to encourage public debate on gender and race inequality, giving visibility to the rights of LGBTQIA + people. May we discuss these topics in schools, in the media, in homes and on the streets.

Political violence is deeply indignant to us. Elected women and human rights activists have been threatened and we are astonished at frequent murders, with Marielle Franco emblematic wing. We scream again ENOUGH!

Attacks on our sexual and reproductive rights increase in this government, which brings together militias and religious fundamentalists in perverse practices. The right to abortion, guaranteed by law, for a girl who was raped inside her home, was a reason for the discharge of hatred against feminism. But we resisted! We will continue to fight for the legalization of abortion, for the right to decide about our bodies and our lives.

We continue with hope. We recognize the strength of Social Movements in resistance struggles. It is necessary to transmute our indignation into the capacity to invent solutions. Transform mourning into struggle. Transform pain into revolt. The exits will be built in conjunction with the entire feminist movement and with our political field, the field of those who fight and cry out for justice. This is our call.

Let us go together, making the feminist movement our territory of resistance, protection and care. Building feminist political strength in our daily struggles and in the great confrontations to come.

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